BioFabbing: Fabrications and Fabulations - Schweiz forscht - Citizen Science in der Schweiz

Was ist Citizen Science?

Citizen Science wird immer mehr als ein Sammelbegriff für die vielen Herangehensweisen verwendet, wie Freiwillige in der Wissenschaft beteiligt werden.

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BioFabbing: Fabrications and Fabulations

Mittwoch, 10 Mai 2017
-  Freitag, 12 Mai 2017
Science et Cité

The conference is part of the project “The Rise of the Citizen Sciences: Rethinking Science and Public Participation”, headed by Bruno J. Strasser at the University of Geneva, and the Horizon2020 Doing-It-Together Science (DITOs) project, and focuses on bringing together individuals from the social sciences, humanities, life sciences, biohacking, DIYbio, and BioDesign to share their critical insights and perspectives about the politics, meanings, and possible futures of DIYbio.

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